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Adoption Stories

We all know how overwhelmed our community and our shelter have become with stray and abandoned animals. In efforts to help as many as we can have a second chance, we have decided to help some of these animals, particulary cats, find new homes. Every so often, we will go to the shelter and find the sickest, smallest and least likely kitten to be adopted. From there we utilize whatever resources necessary to bring these kitties back to health. You can contribute to our ongoing effort by buying a treat for your dog or cat. 100% of the profits of these treats will go towards our "Save A Kitty" fund.

Following are a few stories that have earned a special place in our hearts.

The Hurricane Kitties

These cute kittens were at a local shelter, and after seeing how ill they looked in their photos… We knew they would be euthanized so their viruses/diseases didn’t spread to the other cats. It broke our hearts, so we instantly went to the shelter. After getting them to our hospital, we realized they all had terrible upper respiratory infections – they had so much eye and nose discharge that they couldn’t open their eyes or hardly breathe, ring worm, covered in fleas and full of intestinal parasites. SO with that being said, we named them the hurricane kitties – Katrina, Ivan, Sandy and Camille… Because they were a MESS! These sweet babies went through MONTHS of treatment, medications, being in isolation… Finally, after 4 months, these sweet babies were out of isolation and running around looking for trouble! J It wasn’t long before one of our sweet clients decided they needed these babies, and they wanted all of them! We were so excited that they were going to be able to be together after all they had already been through together. Now they are happy as can be, ruling the roost in their new home doing as they please.

Meet The Hurricane Kitties! Meet The Hurricane Kitties! Meet The Hurricane Kitties!

Cheeto & Vader

These two handsome guys were found in a parking lot, hungry and scared. After being with us for a short time, getting TONS of cuddles, all of their veterinary care… It didn’t take long at all before a family with young boys fell in love with their cuddling pictures online. With as much energy and Vader has, and as much attention as Cheeto needs… We knew this was a PERFECT fit!! AND they were getting adopted TOGETHER! We are so excited for them and their furrever home, and we are looking forward to getting updates regularly.

Meet Cheeto and Vader! Meet Cheeto and Vader! Meet Cheeto and Vader!

Big Foot!

Are you familiar with snare traps? Well this sweet little guy found himself one. On all four feet! If that wasn't painful enough, the snare trap was bated with mice, and the mice were chewing on his poor little feet to the point where the skin was gone.

Well a couple happened to be out walking and they heard him crying, they went over to him and didn't know what to do, other than call their niece who is one of our awesome technicians! So Amanda rushed over to get this kitty and bring him up to be examined by Dr. Rocky. They removed the snare traps from his paws, but he was in bad shape, Dr. Rocky questioned whether one or more of his paws needed to be amputated. Our awesome team worked together getting his pain under control, cleaning his paws and doing hydrotherapy to stimulate wound healing. And with all this going on, this guy just laid there. He acted so thankful to not be in pain anymore! Once he was feeling better, he made sure he was upfront working it for attention, making friends with anyone who walked through the door! Didn’t take long before one of our awesome clients fell in love with his sweet personality and knew he would be a purrfect fit for their kitty loving little boy.

Big Foot! Big Foot's new family!

Spock and Digit!

Spock and Digit were brought to us by a sweet client. They were unique and earned their names based off their extra toes. That’s right, they are polydactyl cats! Digit, the female, had 20 toes. Spock, her brother, had 22! Both kittens were so sweet and playful, they found their furrever homes in no time! Digit was adopted first, by a GREAT family! Less than a week later, Digit’s new owner brought her daughter in who fell in love with Spock! So now the two of them have found great homes where they will be able to see each other often.

Meet Spock and Digit! Meet Spock and Digit!!


Ajahli (which means second chance), came to us in dire need of medical care. Lucky for her, Dr. Rocky and his team were able to give her the TLC needed to save her life! After a long 2 year stay with Turtle Creek, she has finally found a furrever home! Amy, one of our technicians, has opened up her home to Ajahli aka Trigger where she has completely taken over and made herself so comfortable. She is now loving the life of being tugged on by a sweet baby boy and cuddled by two cute dogs! We are so glad she found a great home, but we are going to miss her fun personality!

Meet Ajahli! Meet Ajahli!


Firestone came to us from a client who had found him while doing yard work. His poor face was covered in road rash but no one knew exactly what happened. With a story like that, he got the name from the tire company Firestone! This guy stood out with his cool eyes and blonde tabby coat. EVERYBODY loved on him when they came through the door. One of our clients came in with their new puppy and thought Firestone would be a GREAT fit for his two daughters! Considering Firestone had been socialized with LOTS of kids, we knew this would be purrfect! We are so excited that he has found a furrever home with one of our clients and we will get to see him regularly.

Meet Firestone! 

Danger Rock!

Danger Rock and his siblings were left outside our door on a very cold day that we were closed. Left in a cage with their mother and no food. Danger had such a sweet personality and was so laid back, we knew he would find a great home. It didn’t take long before one of our employee’s fell in love with him! He was actually meeting a new potential family when she realized she couldn’t see him go with someone else, she had to have him! She renamed him Queso and he is the KING of his new furrever home!

Meet Danger Rock!  Meet Danger Rock! 

Ninja Star!

Ninja Star and his siblings were left outside our door on a very cold day that we were closed. Left in a cage with their mother and no food. Ninja was SO handsome, we all figured he would be adopted first! But we were wrong. This handsome guy stayed with us the longest. And we LOVED every minute of it! We called him Carl and he was always begging for our attention or wanting to play. One of our sweet clients loved on him every time she came in, she fell in love with his beautiful coat and outgoing personality. After thinking long and hard about it, she knew that she wanted to take him home. He now lives in a house of Main Coones! But no worries, he is just as big if not bigger than some of them! We are so happy for him, and we can’t wait to see how much he has grown when he comes in to visit!

Meet Ninja Star!  Meet Ninja Star! 



Fergilicious was the only female out of our “door step kitties”. She was much smaller than her brothers and much more independent. Fergi found a great home with someone who drove over an hour to come and meet her. After seeing how playful she is, she couldn’t wait to take this sweet baby to her new furr-ever home!



Ozzy was adopted to a sweet couple who had been looking for a tabby with an M marking on his forehead and black feet. When they stumbled across his pictures, they knew he was exactly what they had been looking for! Ozzy, who now goes by PJ, is loving his new furr-ever home with his cat sister Ginger! Ginger keeps Mr. PJ in line, and PJ is loving all the attention from his new family!



Nigel came to us after being found wondering the streets of Dallas hungry. He was so laid back, sweet and handsome that we figured he would find a great home quick! One of our clients came up looking for a female kitty to go with her female Mastiff’s and other female cat, but once she met this sweet guy, she knew he’d be perfect for her laid back household! He is slowly warming up to his GIANT sisters who are so curious to know more about him, and in the meantime he is enjoying finding high places to cat nap!


Meet Lewis & Clark!

Lewis came to us with his brother Clark when he was very young and little! He was very shy and hid majority of the time. However, his beautiful coat had as loving on him all of the time. Lewis has found a great home where he has quickly became the king.


Meet Lewis & Clark!

Clark came to us with his brother Lewis when he was very young and little! It did not take long for his sweet attitude to win us all over! We knew it wouldn’t take long before this sweet guy found a home. He is now the king of the couch in a great home with a great family! They are loving having a companion and he is loving the attention.

Pico De Gato!

Meet Pico! Meet Pico!
Pico De Gato was found outside the Rocky household in the rain, meowing for attention! He is such a playful and loving kitty, his stay here didn’t last long! Our client care specialist (Jenn) fell in love with Pico and figured he would be a great fit for her and her son. He has kept them thoroughly entertained and is very loved in his new home.


Meet Bubbles!
Bubbles was a short hair, spunky, sweet and beautiful calico kitty! She came to us from a shelter out of Houston and didn’t have to stay long. Her sweet and playful personality found her a great home quick! Her new name is Butterscotch and she is so happy in her new furrever home, bossing around her owners as well as the dogs.


Meet Onyx!
Onyx (as you can see) was black as night with a beautiful shiny coat and a sweet personality! He came to us around 2 years old, after being tested and vaccinated, he was deemed healthy and ready for adoption by Dr. Rocky. Onyx went against our typical policy of keeping our kitties indoors, every chance he had, he went out the door! He tricked the clients and even the staff, we had to chase him in the field next door or find him under the shed several times. So when the opportunity came up for him to have an indoor/outdoor home where he would get to do as he pleases, we knew this would be a great fit! He is so happy and very loved with his new big family in Houston.


Meet Juno!
Juno aka J-WOW was saved by one of our awesome clients who found her huddled under their car during the snow storm in 2012. She was so sweet, playful, loves other cats and children. When her new owner saw her pictures online, she knew it was worth the drive from Dallas to meet this sweet girl. She instantly fell in love and J-WOW is happy as can be in her forever home.


Meet Bert!
The first is Bert, who is a 16 week old neutered male orange tabby kitten that is a fun and energetic boy. He will go to great heights to explore the world around him, and does the same to ensure his nap time is in your lap or even better, around your neck! He will make a great companion for you and any other furry kiddos you may have.


McLOVEN "Lovey" (formerly known as "McLoven") has found his true love with a special little girl in the Taylor family! He was originally rescued by a good Samaritan after he was found roaming the streets of Greenville. He was hungry, dirty and was in need of medical attention. He was obviously a very loving cat... requiring a little too much attention at times, hence named "McLoven". After a few months of R&R and veterinary care, he was placed in his forever home with the Taylor family. We love to get updates and photos to see what he's been up to! It's apparent that he found the purrrrrfect little one to give him all of the love he needs!! Read below for a brief update and a few photos of "Lovey". So sweet and makes all of our efforts in rescuing these little guys worth every minute!

Lovely in Stroller "Good morning, Turtle Creek! Attached is a new photo of Lovey McLoven in his new mode of transportation. My daughter gives him a stroll daily in the baby carriage, and he loves it! He is slowly but surely learning to no Longer jump on the countertops and tables, and to not eat out the trash can. He has been even slower learning not to put his paw in the fish tank. But, despite all of his alley cat ways, we love him!
Thank you,
Mariah Taylor"


Caddy Caddy was a stray little girl that came to our back door one cold February evening. She was very hungry and malnourished. We fell in love with her sweet personality and the many ways that she would purr. We discovered very quickly that she had a terrible hernia in her abdomen. She was taken to surgery the next day for repair and recovered wonderfully. She was adopted into a loving home before she was even available for adoption. We were so happy to have her family anxiously and patiently waiting for her to recover.


Seven BeforeBefore Seven AfterAfter

This orange tabby is the first of a special effort by our staff. We went to our local shelter and found the least likely kitty to be adopted. We found a beautiful orange tabby girl! We chose her because of a severe injury to her lip. It had been lacerated and required surgical repair. In efforts to give her the second chance she needed at finding the right home, we ensured her health with lab work and began her vaccine schedule. Once we knew she was healthy enough for surgery, we were able to perform the delicate surgery. This little kitty had seven stitches to pull her lip back together. We quickly found a home where she was able to make a full recovery. We are happy to report that she gladly accepted her spot as queen of the household.


Gargamel - kitten for adoption This little guy is in need of a loving home. Gargamel and his brother (adopted to forever home) were rescued from the local shelter and were in terrible condition. They were both very thin, had terrible intestinal indiscretion and were nearly bald due to a very bad case of ringworm. We knew they would not be adopted because of their condition, so we took them in, nursed them back to health and cured them of ringworm. Gargamel is a VERY VERY sweet kitty that loves to cuddle, play, and of course, eat. We don't know who was more excited about Gargamel's adoption; his new owner, or him. He has molded into his new family just like he was always meant to be there. We look forward to watching this little guy grow up with his new family!

The Two Calico Cuties!!

First Bath! - kittens for adoption The Two Calico Cuties - kittens for adoption The Two Calico Cuties - kittens for adoption
These two fuzball girls were in desperate need of attention and lots of TLC, as their mother passed shortly after they were born. They came to Turtle Creek with their eyes still closed and have been hand-raised by members of our team, caring for them day and night, every two hours! They are now about 4 weeks old, nearly litter box trained, are cute and cuddly and will be ready to be adopted to their forever homes in the coming weeks! They enjoy doing all of the fun things kittens do, and especially enjoy being loved, particularly around feeding time! We would like to see them go as a pair (kitties love having a friend), but are willing to adopt them out separately to the right homes.


Pumnpkin - Active Adoption Pumpkin came to us scared and hungry. He was captured here in Greenville and brought to us because of concerns of an injury to his eye. Although shy at first, this little guy is melting the hearts of the staff. He politely meows for food when it is feeding time and will fall asleep as he indulges on the moment of being held and loved. Pumpkin, is now in a new forever home with one of our staff members. We were so happy to see such a special kitty go to such a special home with Jenna.


Daphne - Active Adoption This tiny little girl came to us with a severe fracture to her hind leg. It is unknown what happened to her, but luckily, she wandered into the yard of one our clients. Daphne, as she came known to the staff, has been an angel from the time she arrived. Even though her leg is in a splint, it has not slowed her down. She is just as playful as any other kitten her age and would surprise you with her agility. Her new forever home will be with another one of our clients, who have named her Luna.


Sophie was an adorable terrier mix puppy. She was covered in ticks and carrying a large amount of intestinal parasites. After a bath, dip and some proper medications, she recovered quickly and become a fun, energetic puppy. Sophie was quickly adopted out to a wonderful family who was ready to take on the task of a new puppy.


Annie was ill with Canine Parvovirus Enteritis. After a long week of IV Fluids, IV medications and plasma transfusions, she pulled through. We are happy to report that she has been successfully adopted to a wonderful family! Her prospective family traveled quite the distance to meet her and fell in love instantly. Her fun, playful personality was irresistible (as we knew it would). We know that she will bring much joy and happiness to her new family.


Meet Sunny!

Sunny was another kitty that had unfortunately been abandoned by his previous owner. He is a very handsome cat that loves to play and TALK to you. His meows can be heard throughout the clinic and the only thing that makes him feel better is love and attention. He is a very playful and friendly kitty and has been adopted into a loving new forever home. He has quickly assumed his role as head of the household and keeps all the dogs and other cats in check. His hobbies now include chasing dogs, cats, birds and fish, door greeter and dismantling his owner's crochet projects!


Meet Chanel!

Chanel is a beautiful calico kitty that was found in the woods with a companion. She is a very friendly, affectionate and sweet cat that loves to perch on the windowsill and cat nap. She is an adult cat that is already full grown.