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The 8th Annual Hot Diggity Dog Jog Pet Cancer Awareness event is almost here! Mark your calender's for Saturday, April 27th, 2019 at 9:00 am at Greenville Sports Park!

Help support our furry friends by participating in a 5K race or 1 mile walk to benefit Morris Animal Foundation. Your registration and participation will show support for pets that we have already lost, the pets currently fighting, and the survivors of pet cancer. Walk, run, or jog with your favorite furry canine! You may pre-register by visiting our website here. On-site registration is available beginning at 7:30 am for both events.


In 2012, we kicked off our pet cancer awareness campaign that benefited Morris Animal Foundation (MAF) and launched a 1 mile walk and 5K called the "Hot Diggity Dog Jog" to allow pets to walk/run with their owners to support the cause. Not only has this contributed to veterinary specific advancements, this event has made a significant impact in our community's awareness and support. It may surprise you to learn that cancer is the leading disease related cause of death in our pet's over the age of 2 years, and that an estimated 50% of all dogs will battle cancer in their lifetime. Cancer in cats is less common, and is probably half the rate that we see in dogs, yet when we see cancer in cats, it tends to be a more aggressive form.

As you might assume, in our line of work we see cancer on a fairly regular basis. Like humans, dogs and cats are subject to this silent but deadly disease, which often times progresses more rapidly in our furry companions. At present, there are numerous treatment options available for a variety of types of cancer, but no cures. It's through scientific research, advancements in veterinary medicine, early detection and preventative care that the most progress is made in preventing the spread of this disease.

Again, we have selected MAF as the recipient of our fundraising proceeds because we whole-heartedly believe in the research organizations in our country, and is the world leader in funding the most ground-breaking research, resulting in new ways to protect, treat and cure animals. They are solely devoted to improving the lives of our animal companions. MAF is also very actively involved in educating our young people through several outreach efforts, in addition to offering scholarships and grants to post-graduate and veterinary students.

To learn more about them, please visit Morris Foundation. Should you have any questions, please contact us at, or at (903) 454-6222.

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Greenville Sports Park

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